We focus on making drinks that taste as good as they make us feel.

What started as a search for a CBD only cannabis drink somehow turned into creating a beverage company.

We found that most cannabis drinks contained the same cannabis formula (referred to as an emulsion) with a bitter flavour profile and a focus on THC levels. So, we decided to create our own CBD focused emulsion. After 90 different formulation and flavour profiles we came up with a line of 4 delicious and distinct CBD infused kombuchas.

THC free, bitter free, and naturally inclusive of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, Mindset beverages are designed to make you feel good.

More than a social drink, we believe in creating experiences and helping others create their own.

We’re advocates for a healthy mind.

We believe in reducing the stigma surrounding cannabis.

We believe in funding research to uncover the health benefits of CBD.

And we believe in creating a welcoming space for the cannabis curious.

Feel good about feeling good.