Meet May Globus

May Globus is the founder and host of The Craft – a weekly podcast that spotlights notable creatives and entrepreneurs. A natural storyteller, May cut her teeth in media as a fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture journalist, contributing to lifestyle publications like FASHION Magazine, Flare, Vitamin Daily and Hollywood Life.

After a stint working in marketing and communications for social impact companies and private corporations across North America, her natural curiosity for storytelling led her back to what she loves most: connecting with fascinating subjects. Born out of intimate life conversations she was having regularly with inspirational friends within her community, The Craft podcast came to be, with new episodes released every Wednesday.

May is also a certified sound therapy practitioner and founder of oto healing, educated at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in the areas of sound, cymatics, Traditional Chinese Medicine (qigong sounds) and trauma-informed practice. Her wide range of clients include BIPOC, corporate teams, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, cancer patients, expectant mothers, and more.

We talked to May about the importance of curiosity in her own life journey, and how she maintains an inquisitive mind to progress forward.



Q: You mentioned that you believe it’s important to remain curious – tell us about that.
: Curiosity is my natural state of being, and it’s been that way since I was a child. It’s allowed me to witness the world with fresh eyes, to observe and understand human dynamics and ask questions of myself and the things I see around me.

It allows me to find delight in little things once I discover them, to follow the beat of my own drum over the years. To form real, long-lasting relationships with my friends and community I cherish. It has taken me to the depths of my inner world in self-reflection and to thousands of miles across the world for new adventures. Curiosity has given me a rich, deep, and layered life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It has given me the ability, time and again, to honour who I truly am.


Q: How important is this mindset (curiosity) for what you do?

A: It’s essential. When in conversation with a podcast guest on The Craft, I’m there because I’m deeply curious and want to explore all tangents: who they are, why they make the decisions they do, what has shaped them, who they love. When in a sound therapy session with a client, I’m curious about what brought them there, what they want to release, and how they want to evolve as a human navigating this life. Without curiosity, the kind that breeds true compassion, I can’t hold a safe space for others to be who they are.



Q: What’s your best tip for when you struggle to maintain this way of thinking?
: Truthfully, I don’t usually struggle with this. I was born forever curious. But to maintain this state of being, I go to the ocean and put my hands in it, no matter how cold the water is. I sit with trees in a quiet hidden spot in the forest, so I can hear my intuition clearly. I laugh with those I love about really silly things. I ecstatic dance in front of the mirror or have hours-long conversation with a friend about life. Sometimes I just rabbit hole on a topic that’s piqued my interest and learn everything I can about it — so thank you, internet!


Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of that you were able to achieve because of your  curious nature?
: This life of mine so far. I’ve never followed a straight, traditional path—when I look back on my career, I’ve landed in a variety of jobs and companies because I followed a curiosity about an industry and wanted to learn about it. I truly feel like, why not? Why not ask the question, adventure in that place, or go for a new career path? At some point, you have to trust yourself enough that you know even if it doesn’t work out, you’re going to be more than okay.


Q: Tell us what’s coming up for you this year and what we should be on the lookout for.
A: More from otō healing and The Craft to come! I recently did a few sound journey performances and co-facilitated events with musicians and instrumentalists, including talented local pianist Andrew Lo. The harmony of what they do and what I do is so beautiful—I’m beyond excited to do more sound  immersions like this on a larger scale in different cities with like-minded humans in the music, art, and well-being spaces. And, of course, continuing to do my one-on-one, group, and retreat work in North America and around the world.

With The Craft, I’m continuing live conversations and work with aligned brand partners who believe in the show, as well as introducing video interviews, which is something listeners have been requesting. This year, I’ll be expanding my guest roster internationally, having conversations with an award-winning filmmaker based in Germany, and a friend from university based in Italy, who is the global marketing head for Ferrari. The Craft is going global, and I’m ready for it!

When I look back at everything up to this point, marinating in the victories and the learning curves, I feel immense gratitude and love for this path I’m on—and for all the people, friends and strangers, along  the way who support me in this. In me truly being me.


Check out May’s day in the life video of her curiosity mindset.