When we discovered that most cannabis drinks share the same cannabis formulations, we realised why so many drinks have the same bitter flavour profiles.

We wanted to create something different, which is why we created the MND 1 CBD Emulsion.

First, what do we mean by “emulsion”? An emulsion is a combination of two liquids that don’t usually mix. Mindset’s emulsion is an active cannabis ingredient in each CBD kombucha.

We wanted a CBD beverage with a consistent onset, without compromising taste. Mindset’s proprietary emulsion was designed to provide a different experience than current cannabis emulsions on the market and was formulated to compliment the taste profiles of our kombucha.

We use a blend of hydrophilic and hydrophobic lipids for an evenly dispersed blend in each can of Mindset CBD Kombucha. This process prevents unwanted cloudiness and sediment by allowing the cannabis compounds to spread out, attaching themselves to the water molecules throughout the beverage. This means your first sip and last sip have the same dosing of CBD.

To ensure a safe and effective experience when ingesting CBD compounds, we had to consider how the emulsion breaks down in the body. We use high-powered mechanics to break down the compounds into small particles that can quickly and easily transmit through the body. When the body doesn’t have to work so hard to break down these components, we can trust that all CBD compounds ingested are being utilized to their fullest potential. This means science.

When integrating our MND 1 CBD Emulsion with our kombucha formulas, we paid special attention to how the flavours blend together. We use a specific quality and blend of the emulsifying ingredients, calculating the exact proportions to perfect the taste and aftertaste.

Our MND 1 CBD Emulsion…

  1. Is stable and consistent throughout the beverage. This is measured between particles by ensuring the electric charge between particles is stable.
  2. Uses a complex blend of lipid-based compounds that have different attractions and chemical affinities, resulting in an evenly dispersed emulsion.
  3. Actively manages its own taste.
  4. Endures long-term stability testing to prevent unbinding of the CBD from the kombucha.

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